Eponic Agriculture Europe is an incredibly up-to-date, modern and innovative agricultural supply company.

Eponic Agriculture is engaged in the development and realisation of modern hydroponic cultivation systems. We provide a whole set of grow systems, which includes auto-seeding machines, vertical growing racking, horticulture lighting fixtures and an auto-harvest system. We develop innovative products and systems to help make growers more efficient in growing their crops.
We work closely with the most recent developments in the market and are part of the TRUE VEG Group. This company group does Research and Development itself as well as Advisory in the Hydroponic Industry and sells its own growing systems.

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Eponic Agriculture Europe offers everything from Vertical Farming to Modular Design, Ready-to-Grow Container Systems and Greenhouses.

Vertical Farming is only using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments. It should be set up in areas that may not otherwise be conducive to either year-round growth or growth cycles that are fast enough to fully meet any demands.

AUTOCROP™ takes this process to a whole different level with our completely automated system that is all-inclusive and provides a complete solution for the grower.

With everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, and LED grow lighting to simulate natural light, AUTOCROP™ Vertical Farming gives commercial growers the tools they need to produce high quality growth with optimal crop yields at cost-effective prices.

We offer modular design for easy expansion, robotics to assist in tasks throughout the growth process, and expert consultation to help growers achieve maximum crop efficiency.

Our experienced team can design the perfect customised industrial solution for your business.
Ready to grow
We will provide you with turnkeysolutions for Indoor Vertical Farming with everything you need for exceptional outcomes.
Eponic only offers controlled growth systems free from chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, for a healthier harvest.
Water Saving
Hydroponic growing itself saves water, our closed system recirculates the water-nutrients-mix and reduces water usage.
Our systems are developed by specialists to ensure a healthy and nutritious plant growth by an ideal ratio of space|airflow.
The Eponic racking design allows to maximise your growing area while limiting the amount of space needed.
Our system is absolutely user-friendly, easy to handle and extremely flexible to react to changes in crops and scale.
Our system is designed for a 24/7-use as it is completely protected and unaffected by climate and weather conditions.
Hydroponic growing is a lot cleaner than conventional methods, as plants do not need to be cleaned before consumption.
Due to the controlled environment, crops require less time from sprout to harvest, shortening the growth cycle.
Eponic uses high quality LED light chips engineered by Citizen® for high efficiency and even distribution of light.
Planting and Harvesting can be highly automated by using robotics for elevation and remote control.
Each rack system has its own logic controller, making irrigation and additive lighting easy to handle and fully automated.
Each grow area uses individual grow trays with segregated multiple pot spacing for easy harvesting, cleaning, maintenance and storage.


Our Auto-Seeder, Tray washer & The Harvester

During the seeding process, accurate placement is efficiently achieved by the customised, automated seeding machine, the auto-seeder. This ensures that each seed has the necessary space to grow and receives enough nutrition.


The system also contains a lifting system and an intelligent harvesting robot. The automated transportation system facilitates management and harvesting of plants on multiple levels.


The harvest robot will pull the tray out of the  rack, and then the mechanical hand on the harvesting system will lift the cover of the planting tray and transfer it to the root cutting platform for root cutting and harvesting.


The cover of the tray is treated with a roots cutting and harvesting system. The bottom of the tray is sent to the automatic tray washing machine for automatic cleaning.

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