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The perfect place to order your complete solution for industrial growing of vertical hydroponic farms.

Our team of research scientists, growers, and engineers are at the forefront of automated fresh farming technology.

The most important fact about Vertical Hydroponic Farming is using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments.

Year-round growth in areas that might not be otherwise used or conductive are the basis for Vertical Hydroponic Farming to meet demands. Completely automated systems that are all-inclusive are provided with our AUTOCROPTM. It is a complete solution for growers.

AUTOCROPTM includes everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, lighting. It is the perfect high quality Vertical Farming system that commercial growers need to produce optimal crop yields at cost-effective prices.

Our systems is set up as a modular system for easy expansion, robotics to assist in various tasks of the process and expert advice.

Vertical Farming
We provide everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers and seeds.
Modular Design
The racking design allows for flexibility and scalability – permitting greater heights, and lengths, as desired – including being able to add on as a facility and its demand grows.
Our indoor farming technology can be used in existing greenhouses, if owners want a fresh, safe, sustainable controlled environment for crop growth and a disease-free outcome.
Container modules
We also offer fully-automated container solutions, with a maximum acreage thanks to our flexible production boxes which are also mobile and can be individually transported as required.
Our automated seedling machine ensures that each seed has the necessary space to grow and receives enough nutrition.
Tray Washer
We also offer an automatic tray washer for automatic cleaning of the planting trays, which save time and costs.
Automatic Harvester
Our harvest robot helps to lift trays, lift tray covers and transfer the trays to the root cutting platform, for easy handling.

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Why choose us ?

We are pioneers in a new age of farming. We love our planet and are passionate about our environment, but we hate the waste of resources. We combine experience and expertise with highest quality designs and systems to provide our customers with the best available solutions for their hydroponic growing needs.

Our team of specialists, analysts, researchers, growers, engineers are at the forefront of automated fresh farming technology and have experience in hydroponic growing for a number of different species of crops and vegetation.

We offer advanced, automated solutions for industrial growing including those with large vertical farms, greenhouses and mobile containers as well as solutions with smaller units for homes, small businesses or shops.

By providing everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers, and seeds we offer the all-in-one solution.

Why are we doing this?

Vertical farming eliminates agricultural runoff into water sources, significantly reduces use of fossil fuels from farm machines and the transport of crops, and makes use of abandoned or unused properties, such as empty warehouses and skyscrapers. There is also year-round production with vertical farming, which can help keep up with the global demand for food.
up to 65% cheaper initial costs 65%
up to 33% faster growing 33%
up to 100% more vitamins 100%
up to 95% less water 95%
up to 38% less food waste 38%
up to 90% reduced transports 90%
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